Community Engagement

Delta Helicopters believes strongly in supporting the communities in which we operate. We support local organizations and we encourage our team to get involved as well. We understand the importance of community support and are always seeking ways to help.

One way is through providing opportunities for youth with a focus on those with an interest in aviation. We provide work experience for high school students and scholarship opportunities for college students. This allows us to help young people discover potential job avenues within the aviation industry, an endeavor we are passionate about.

We support local charitable organizations in the communities where Delta Helicopters has established operations. 

Indigenous Engagement

Delta Helicopters actively engages in developing mutually beneficial relationships with Indigenous peoples and businesses in support of our social responsibility and objectives across the organization.

The Company recognizes and respect that Indigenous peoples may have attachment to the land and resources on which we conduct business and as such there may be specific governance or jurisdictional considerations. 

Having operated throughout Western Canada for the past 50 years, Delta Helicopters has worked closely with Indigenous communities in several capacities. This includes providing medevac flights, tree planting and various other projects with local Indigenous companies.

Delta Helicopters believes in providing opportunities for Indigenous youth with an interest for a career in aviation. To support this, scholarships have been established at post secondary schools in Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. Internships and work programs are also ongoing for high school students who have an interest in the field of aviation.

Delta Helicopters is committed to working with and providing opportunities for local Indigenous groups. This commitment is fostered throughout the organization through the continuous seeking of opportunities.